‘MR. 900’: The Glenn Allison Story

In 36 chapters — one for each strike in Glenn Allison’s perfect series — you’ll learn everything there is to know about the historic night of July 1, 1982, when Glenn made bowling history by rolling the first-ever 900 series in sanctioned league play… review the Hall of Fame resumé that Glenn had compiled prior to rolling the 900… experience bowling’s Great Team Era, including individual chapters on each of Glenn’s teammates on the storied Falstaff team… discover the unusual physical condition that prevented Glenn from winning 10 to 15 more titles on the PBA Tour… walk in Glenn’s steps during the gut-wrenching administrative rejection, appeal, committee rejection and lawsuit that followed the 900… read a word of thanks to bowling fans from “Mr. 900” himself… and so much more. Four postscripts bring the story up to date, including one that makes a compelling case for the reversal of the original ruling made by the ABC. The book comprises more than 60,000 words… includes more than 260 names… and features more than 100 photos. This is the comprehensive record of one of the greatest feats… and travesties… in American sports history, and the biography of one of bowling’s most beloved hall of famers.

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